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Written by Yereem

Void. It was all there was, and all there would have been if it weren’t for the Worm. The Worm is blue, so we call it the Blue Worm. The Blue Worm created us all from nothing, and once it made everything, more was created. Life was created. Everything was the world and its skies. The oceans and the land. The birds and the fish. The land walkers and land crawlers. And most importantly, us. Mankind. It made us in the worst way possible to make up for the mind it gave us. The Blue Worm made us in his image. The ideas of freedom, innovation, independence, and education. He taught the first man and woman how to be human, how to act like the worm would. Unlike the rest of the other people, the first man and woman were the first humans. They learned agriculture, and language and they taught it to their children and other people, who then became the next humans. As the Blue Worm watched from the soil, listening to us all and his creations, we were free to do as we please.


Written by Judah

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of interlocking autonomous webs derived from a single, metaphysical free will. The following discourse will provide insight into free will, a discussion of what it means in the Blue Wible and its implications.

The argument from free will asserts that any conception of a deity which incorporates both, free will and omniscience is incompatible. This can be formulated as follows:

  1. [A Deity knows choice "C" that a human would claim to "make freely". ]
  2. [It is now necessary that C.]
  3. [If it is now necessary that C, then C cannot be otherwise (this is the definition of “necessary”). That is, there are no actual "possibilities" due to predestination]
  4. [If you cannot do otherwise when you act, you do not act freely (Principle of Alternate Possibilities)]
  5. [Therefore, when you do an act, you will not do it freely.]

In approaching the paradox of theological fatalism, it is critical in grasping the ramification of the Blue Worm's transcendental predestination; an impetus organized in the soil (tangible, physical world) out of the very geometric pre-eminence of the Blue Worm's lemniscate properties, upon its arrival. It is such predestination which in its uniqueness does not hold that outcomes are not a result of its own will, but rather its will in the will of others, or squirms. In Genesis 1:0-1:1, the Wible says:

[As the Blue Worm watched from the soil, listening to us all and his creations, we were free to do as we please.]

This is the defining precondition in understanding what free will means in relation to wormfinity, and the introduction of the idea of the doctrine's existentialist theism. The Blue Worm's spectatorial providence orders all human events, upon its creation and subsequent fracture and binding of the three-beings model: Squirms, Worm, and Soil.

[Void. It was all there was, and all there would have been if it weren’t for the Worm.]

That is, while a realm may have had already existed as a manifestation of other worms and their heirlooms, with the creation of the free world, or soil, it is humanity which submits itself to the one Blue Worm gifting us with the capacity to act on our own will, deciding our own nature, and to use such potential as a means of ontological good, as interpreted by the Blue Worm's doctrine.

As all organisms as per the Blue Worm's creations are able to hold free will, in accordance it could be understood that those which evolved pre-appearance (false god creations) were never able to evolve out of the primary existence (will-lessness) in the absence of a grand director. While the Blue Worm may hold providence over what is to occur, it does not affect the outcome of what is to occur, as voluntary choice had become a feature of the world's fibre upon the creation of the soil and the worm trinity.

  1. [The Blue Worm knows choice "C" that a squirm would claim to "make freely".]
  2. [It is now neccessary that C.]
  3. [If it is now necessary that C, then C cannot be otherwise (this is the definition of "necessary".) However, possilibites are able to exist under the transcendental predestination (able to do as we please).]
  4. [Therefore, you can do otherwise when you act.]
  5. [Therefore, when you do an act, you do it freely.]


Written by PSR
  • 1.0. How could one describe how the earth was created?
  • 1.1. This visualization is quite simple compared to what other wooden idols might have proposed in the past.
  • 1.2. As it was told and has always been, the worms of old, of wise, and of faith intertwined together into a singular bundle,
  • 1.3. -metamorphosing a singular pebble into an expressive abundance of life, materials, and plentiful yonder.
  • 1.4. For five mortal days, the worms, like dancing ribbons across the sky, squirmed and congregated together until by the sixth day,
  • 1.5. -all came to a rest and the earth had been born.
  • 1.6. We see the effects of how the beings of old have shaped the rock we call Earth today.
  • 1.7. From the rainbows after a shower fall to the aurora which litters the northern skies,
  • 1.8. all these wonders in the sky and even of the earth are the visual gifts from a bygone era.

wormfinity's stances

What is wormfinity's stance on LGBT+?

wormfinity's stance on LGBT+ is that anyone of gender, sexual, and romantic minority is valid and accepted.

False Comparisons

wormfinity does not condone zoophilia and pedophilia. Some vile cretins falsely make claims that these are different sexualities, claim to be a part of the LGBT+ and rebrand themselves with new names like "MAP" and "zoosexual." Zoophiles and pedophiles will never be a part of the LGBT+. Go fuck yourself.

What is wormfinity's stance on infant circumcision / intersex sex reassignment / female genital mutilation?

wormfinity does not condone infant circumcison. It goes against the core wormfinity belief of body autonomy for all. Infants cannot consent to circumcision. Nor can intersex infants and women subjected to FGM.

What is wormfinity's stance on abortion/assisted suicide?

wormfinity will never advocate for anything but freedom of choice regarding these topics.