The Blue Worm religion!

Hello and Welcome to wormfinity!

wormfinity is a religion based around free will and doing good.

Core wormfinity Beliefs

wormfinity currently has 5 core beliefs.

1. Respect life.

2. Do no harm.

3. Do good.

4. Body autonomy for all.

5. Free will for all.


Is this a serious religion?


Is this an elaborate scheme to sell merch?

Far from it. Everything finance related is taken out of pocket from one of our priests. We don't ever intend for wormfinity to be for profit.


wormfinity currently has several communication channels

wormfinity's community is semi-public in the way that anyone who wants to be here can join, except the people we don't want. The wormfinity Defense Squad reserves discretion to restrict who enters the server. You will have to go past the gatekeeper in both the Discord and Telegram.

You can access the Discord here, the Roblox group here, The Brick Hill Clan here, the Steam group here, and the Telegram here.