Hello and Welcome to wormfinity!

wormfinity is a free will maximalist cult religion based on the sole principle of doing good.

Core wormfinity Beliefs

Wormfinity currently has 4 core beliefs.

1. Respect life, no matter its value.

2. Do no harm to others.

3. Do good.

4. Body autonomy for all.

5. Free will for all.

wormfinity's Stances

What is wormfinity's stance on LGBT+?

wormfinity's stance on LGBT+ is that anyone of gender, sexual, and romantic minority is valid and accepted.

False Comparisons

wormfinity does not condone zoophilia and pedophilia. Some vile cretins falsely make claims that these are different sexualities, claim to be a part of the LGBT+ and rebrand themselves with new names like "MAP" and "zoosexual." Zoophiles and pedophiles will never be a part of the LGBT+. Go fuck yourself.

What is wormfinity's stance on infant circumcision / intersex sex reassignment / female genital mutilation?

wormfinity does not condone infant circumcison. It goes against the core wormfinity belief of body autonomy for all. Infants cannot consent to circumcision. Nor can intersex infants and women subjected to FGM.

What is wormfinity's stance on abortion?

wormfinity believes that anybody who wants an abortion should be able to have one. To deny the right to an abortion goes against wormfinity's core belief of body autonomy for all.